Thüros I Charcoal BBQ

Thüros I Charcoal BBQ

Thuros garden barbecues are ideal compact barbecues for relaxed barbecue nights at home or at some friend's place.
The use of high-quality materials and time-proven design make this barbecue a safe choice for the entire family.
The proven flue draught effect and the optimised design of a Thuros flue draught barbecue guarantee that the barbecue heats up quickly and easily.
The design allows for significantly less charcoal to be used.
Thanks to the large range of accessories these BBQs can be converted to electric.
You can add a lid, an american hood, stainless steel side shelves, wind deflector, warming rack, shish kebab skewer, swivel hood, electric insert, gas top, wok ring, smoke attachment and many more.

Our Price £184.99

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