Monolith Junior Kamado Grill in Red Stand Alone
Monolith Junior Kamado Grill in Red Stand Alone Monolith Junior Kamado Grill in Red Stand Alone

Monolith Junior Kamado Grill in Red Stand Alone

The Monolith is the holy grail of Kamado grills. It is gracefully crafted from heat-resistant ceramics and high grade stainless steel components. The inherent properties of the ceramic used in the Monolith, such as conductivity, insulation and resistance to environmental and chemical agents, allow for a stylish and efficient way of utilising this ancient method of cooking.

The Monolith Junior is the smallest of the Monolith family. You can do everything with a Monolith Junior that you can do with its bigger brothers - slow cooking, grilling, smoking, baking - anything is possible with The Monolith.

This particular variation of the Monolith is the Monolith Junior including a black stainless steel cart for easy manoeuvring and includes the following:
• Monolith 'Junior' ceramic grill in red
• Three ceramic feet
• Ceramic Heat Deflector Stone for indirect cooking
• Heat Protector Stone
• 2nd Tier Grate
• Unique SmokeEasy Wood Chip Feeder System
• Stainless Steel Bands and Hinge
•  Ash Rake
• 10 Year Limited Warranty

All Monoliths Models come with the unique SmokeEasy wood chip feed system, so you never lose temperature or smoke by lifting the lid to add additional smoke chips while cooking. Just open the friction fitting plug on the front of the bowl, fill the chute with chips, and push them onto the charcoal with the little tool supplied.

Monolith grills are constructed from high fire ceramics with an outer surface glaze that is extremely resistant to weathering. The durability of the Monolith is second to none; they do not rust and they will not crack. Temperature of the monolith is controlled by an exceptionally precise temperature control which offers a range of temperatures from 80ºC up to 350ºC.

Monolith backs its grills with a 10-year warranty on ceramics and two-year warranty on metal parts. You can rest assured that if you do have a problem we're here to help resolve any issues swiftly.

• Overall Height (including Cart) - 95cm (37.4 inches)
• Dome Width - 47cm (18.5 inches)
• Dome Depth (including handle and hinge) - 52cm (20.5 inches)
• Cooking Grill Area - 33cm (13inches)
• Weight 43kg


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