Chimney Barbecue (NOW £400 OFF)
Chimney Barbecue (NOW £400 OFF) Chimney Barbecue (NOW £400 OFF) Chimney Barbecue (NOW £400 OFF)

Chimney Barbecue (NOW £400 OFF)

Light a wood fire in the rear grate, as the hot embers fall spread them across the firebrick base, this allows you to move the cooking area to how and where you want it, charcoal can then be added if desired. 

Quality & Style.
An innovative design where every element can be fully dismantled but is free of visible nuts, bolts and welds for a clean-cut and linear look.

With the entire chassis being made in zinc-magnesium coated steel with a special powder coated finish, guaranteeing a stylish look with excellent weather resistance.

* The wheeled trolley allows ease of mobility when required. 
* The "fire" back and base are lined with refractory bricks, these both protect the structure and assist in maintaining the operating temperature.

* The cooking grill and side supports are all made in stainless steel.

* The grill supports are height adjustable and set at an angle to
    allow cooking liquids to simply drain off.

Approx dimensions
Width (handle to shelf edge)  1.5 mtr
Depth (max to inc. wheels)       80cm
Height (to top of flue)             2.45mtr

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RRP £2,199.00 Sale Price £1,799.00