Weber Universal Wood Chip Smoker Box

Weber Universal Wood Chip Smoker Box

Weber Universal Smoker Box has a sleek, robust, innovative design. A Barbecue Smoker Box that is suitable for all Weber Barbecues and is a long anticipated must have for all barbecue enthusiasts! 

Infuse fragrant Smokey flavours in to your barbecue food by simply filling the Smoker Box with pre-soaked Weber Wood Chips and place on the barbecue grate or Flavourizer bars before and during cooking. The Smoker Box will heat the Wood Chips until wonderful aromatic scented smoke fills the barbecue, enhancing your food and giving additional delicate smoked flavour. 

The Weber Style Smoker Box is made from steel with a non-stick coating. 

Dimensions: W13.5 x L26.6 x H4.5cm

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