Bean Bags

B-bags. Great big, gorgeous, utterly beautiful pieces of furniture.
The result of many demanding years spent redesigning, redeveloping and reshaping the humble beanbag. Water-resistant highly durable and stylish enough to make a statement indoors; the Mighty-B Bag is even perfect for outdoors too! So, sit back in your inferior seat and feast your eyes on the happy life of luxury your aching body could one day enjoy.

Made in the UK
The B-bag is British, through and through. And we’re proud of it. Every single B-bag is lovingly made in Keighley, Yorkshire, where they have been being made for over 10 years and where all materials are sourced as close to home as possible. Not only that, they are as environmentally friendly as they can. And all of this to create an uber-comfortable place for you to plonk your posterior.

Extremely Good For You
If you suffer from muscular issues or other aches and pains that make it difficult to get comfortable, they're like a breath of fresh beans! Designed to wrap around you, mould to fit your body whatever its shape, and to use your own body heat to keep you at the perfect temperature.

You have never sat down until you've sunk your posterior into the ridiculously comfortable, incredibly versatile and outrageously colourful B-bag. 
B-Box Bean Bags
B-Box Bean Bags

The ultimate seat for your feet, the B-Box completes your extreme lounging experience in style. Designed for indoors these cube shaped bean bags are breathable, splash proof and very easy to clean. Weight:1.5kg Material:PU Fabric

From only £34.99

Mini-B Bean Bags
Mini-B Bean Bags

The mini beanbag for kids that's totally adorable, gorgeous and an utterly beautiful piece of furniture with a carry bag perfect for sleepovers! Weight: 3kg, Material: PU Water Resistant Fabric

From only £59.99

Mighty-B Bean Bags
Mighty-B Bean Bags

Made from super tough, waterproof material that can be used outdoors in the garden, beach, by the pool or in your home. Weight: 5kg, Material: Polyester Waterproof Fabric.

RRP:£99.99From only £79.99